A Celebration of Achievements

Saturday 3rd February 2024
Edgbaston Stadium, Edgbaston Road, Birmingham, B5 7QU

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August 2023

About Potential Unlocked Education Awards

The Potential Unlocked Awards go beyond a mere recognition event

Introducing the Potential Unlocked Awards, an extraordinary event that celebrates and recognises exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds who are making a remarkable impact on the lives of children and young people. From inspiring educators to community leaders and resilient youth who have defied the narrative, we showcase role models who embody excellence and inspire greatness. Our mission is to empower the next generation, equipping them to live fulfilled, successful, and transformed lives.

At the heart of the Potential Unlocked Awards is our visionary CEO and founder, David C. Hall. David’s personal journey of overcoming academic setbacks due to dyslexia, which affected his reading, spelling, and writing abilities, became the catalyst for this initiative. Despite being assessed as four years behind his peers, David defied expectations and achieved grades five levels above predictions. Today, he is a multi-award-winning learning consultant, bestselling author, and motivational speaker, dedicated to inspiring greatness in children and young people, unlocking their untapped potential

Our Awards

The Potential Unlocked Achievement Awards recognises outstanding academic
achievement of students who have participated in our programs, as well as the dedication
and support of their partner parents.

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The Outstanding Contribution to Children Award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the lives of children.

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The Influential Leader in Education Award recognizes exceptional leaders who have made a significant impact in the field of education

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Educator of the Year Award at the Potential Unlocked Awards 2023 recognizes exceptional educators who have demonstrated outstanding teaching skills, dedication to their students' growth and development.

Potential Unlocked Awards 2024

Our Speakers

David C. Hall

CEO & Founder of Potential Unlocked Awards

Dr Dennis Kimbro

Keynote Speaker
Potential Unlocked Awards 2024

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Potential Unlocked Awards 2024

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  • Ignite aspirations with TOP 10 SWIPE QUOTES from bestselling author Dr. Dennis Kimbro's 'Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice'.

  • Dive into TOP 10 TIPS VIDEOS from Dr. Dennis Kimbro's 'Think & Grow Rich: The Black Choice' for unmatched success insights.

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Event Address

  • Date & Time

    Saturday 3rd February 2024 5:30pm

  • Address

    Edgbaston Stadium Edgbaston Road Birmingham B5 7QU