Designation: Lead-New Testament Church of God

Claion Grandison was elected in March 2022 to lead the New Testament Church of God and has since taken the denomination on a journey of change and transformation.At the heart of NTCG’s new direction is its vision; to be a Relevant,Relational Church, Reimagining God at work in our community and nation.Bishop Claion’s passion for raising up leaders led to him starting the Mentor Leadership Programme in 2011 which has resulted in a number of its graduates becoming pastors. Today, through a number of initiatives,Bishop and NTCG continue to focus on emerging leaders, ensuring that itsnext cohort of ministers will be proficient and committed, delivering theologically sound leadership.Since coming into post, he has appointed a number of younger men and women as local pastors, all of whom are doing very well in their churches.Bishop is a graduate of Spurgeon’s College and guest lecturer inEvangelism within Black Pentecostal spaces. He is married to Sonia and they have two adult children.