Designation: CEO & Founder of Potential Unlocked Awards

David C. Hall is CEO and founder of Potential Unlocked, a multi-award-winning training centre. His transformational impact on countless individuals across the UK has made him a highly sought-after speaker, best-selling author, and motivational leader. David and his team at Potential Unlocked are committed to ensuring that every child and young person exceeds the national standard of education by inspiring individuals to cultivate their greatness, build fulfilling and successful lives, and solve the world’s most pressing issues through their unique gifts and talents.

Potential Unlocked’s track record of success speaks for itself, having helped over 3,500 individuals achieve their dreams, including passing their SATs, gaining 5 or more GCSEs at grade 5, securing graduate jobs, starting their own entrepreneurial journeys, securing places at prestigious universities, and supporting children at risk of permanent exclusion to improve their school behaviour.

David’s personal journey is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of determination and resilience. As a child with dyslexia, he faced significant challenges that left him feeling like an ‘underachiever’. However, David refused to let his struggles define him and created powerful strategies that not only significantly improved his academic performance but also helped him identify his glass ceiling and unlock his true potential.

Today, David’s life’s work is dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages to discover their glass ceiling, believe in their potential, and unlock their potential. His empowering and inspirational approach has made him a leading voice in education and personal development. David’s contributions to education have earned him numerous awards, including the UK’s Tuition Service of the Year and Learning Consultant of the Year in both 2022 and 2023. His best-selling books, The Empowering Parent, and Inspire Your Child’s Greatness, have received critical acclaim and empowered countless individuals to reach their full potential.

David is a highly renowned speaker, sought after for his expertise in unlocking the full potential of individuals of all ages, from children to young adults and beyond.  His transformative insights have been shared with UK local authorities, schools, seminars, and corporate events. Attendees often describe David as inspiring and empowering, leaving them motivated to unlock their own potential…

David’s impact and expertise have been recognised by top media outlets, including Forbes Magazine. Recently, he was headhunted to write an article for SEN Magazine on “Reframing the Lens of Dyslexia through the lens of giftedness,” highlighting his unique and empowering approach to unlocking potential in individuals of all abilities. David is an inspiring and empowering speaker who leaves attendees motivated to unlock their own potential.