Designation: Keynote Speaker

Dr Dennis Kimbro: Keynote Speaker

Allow us to introduce you to Dr. Dennis Kimbro – an exceptional Educator, Best-Selling Author, and Leadership Expert. Specifically chosen as the keynote speaker for the esteemed Potential Unlocked Awards 2024, he stands as the embodiment of greatness, radiating inspiration.

Embarking on a transformative journey spanning decades and traversing the nation to connect with high achievers, Dr. Kimbro’s mission crystallised: To empower disadvantaged black individuals to conquer challenges and reach unparalleled greatness.

Drawing upon the legacy of Napoleon Hill, Dr. Kimbro meticulously crafted a survey to uncover profound insights from accomplished black figures. This endeavour culminated in the creation of the influential masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice.”

In the presence of Dr. Kimbro, the seeds of transformation take firm root. His ability to bridge generations and highlight that success knows no temporal limits is truly remarkable.  We invite you to join us on this path of transformation, unlocking your boundless potential under the guidance of a visionary who shapes the past and illuminates a brighter future.

Dive into his enlightening perspectives at the Potential Unlocked Awards 2024 and the captivating Potential Unlocked Seminar.  Leave with a renewed determination to embrace a life of greatness, as we not only pay homage but also elevate Black excellence among youth, community leaders, and educators.