Designation: Community leader, renowned international speaker & inspirational motivator

Shermara Fletcher is a dedicated community leader, renowned
international speaker, and inspirational motivator with a profound
commitment to helping individuals lead fulfilling and balanced lives.
As a dynamic millennial leader, she achieved a remarkable milestone
when she delivered a moving tribute before a global audience of 4.1
billion people during the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II on 19 th
September 2022.
Shermara's influential presence has graced numerous prominent
platforms, including BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC World News,
Talk TV, The God Channel, TBN, and UBC Radio. She is also a
valued regular contributor to Premier Radio, sharing her insights and
wisdom with a wide audience.
Beyond her powerful spoken word, Shermara is a gifted writer, having
contributed chapters to several impactful books. Notably, her work can
be found in publications such as "Young Woke and Christian," edited
by Victoria Turner, "Coming Home: Christian Perspectives on
Housing" by Graham Tomlin, and "Black, Christian, and Single."
In recognition of her exceptional contributions and unwavering
dedication, Shermara has received prestigious accolades. These
include the MAB International 2022 Young Leader of the Year award,
the 2020 Exceptional Young Woman award from The Wise Women
Awards, and the 2019 Community Recognised Project Award
presented by the Queen's Lord Lieutenant, commending her
invaluable contributions to the homelessness sector. Shermara
Fletcher's remarkable journey continues to inspire and empower
individuals around the world to pursue holistic and flourishing lives.